About Us

OutdoorCureOnline are vocational rehabilitation specialists in Workplace Wellbeing. Our director is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist. We offer online training courses and online coaching packages that support small to medium businesses to encourage wellbeing and compassion into their workplace. The OutdoorCure ethos is ‘think different, think simple’ and we have had some fantastic results. In short, we want to build a supportive, happy and inclusive wellbeing community for employers and employees that raises a smile while offering practical and simple advice and strategies.  

Since OutdoorCure was founded in 2016 we have had queries from people from all over the world who have wanted to access our support. By 2018 this had reached an all-time high, and we realised there was a need for our services to be more accessible to everyone and thus, OutdoorCureOnline was born.