Let’s Go 2020: Tips for staying focused and motivated to achieve your goals

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We are almost mid January and it’s safe to say that ideas have been flying around OutdoorCure HQ about the direction of travel. Last year was very significant as OutdoorCureOnline was launched, hosting a range of online services and information – from online coaching packages to our wellbeing blog. For us, our psychological support in the great outdoors will continue to be at the forefront of the support we offer, we will be focusing on compassion (to ourselves and others, at home and at work) and we will continue to offer our quirky wellbeing support online. We will be launching an exciting workshop for leaders over the next few months looking at Compassion in Teams – so give yourself or your colleagues/leaders a nudge and get them to follow us online.
Whether you have set resolutions, goals or are just looking at the upcoming year as a whole, staying motivated can be hard to do – especially when, as we recently read somewhere, January can feel like a whole four months in itself!!! So, we have put together some top tips that we tend to follow to stay focused on our end in mind.


The OutdoorCureOnline Guide to focusing and motivating your mind (or ‘how not to scroll through social media watching videos of cats for hours on end, like we can all do 😊’)
1) Get organised. No, this is not our usual shout out to great stationery (although of course, of course it helps), it is a reminder to organise your thoughts – sit down and move the process/to do list from your head onto paper. Or talk it through with someone who you can communicate well with.
2) Break the plan down into smaller steps – instead of facing a huge mountain to climb, tasks feel more manageable. Schedule them in too, with a deadline.
3) Make sure they are your goals! Trust us on this one. All too often people can set goals that they think they should do, or that other people say they should do. Know yourself and what makes you happy. It makes a huge difference to your commitment to them.
4) Hang out with good energy vibes. Have people in your life who can engage in stimulating conversation and are passionate. Seek them out and hang out with them.
5) Keep the bigger picture in mind – especially if you are doing a task that you find tedious or hard. Remember your end in mind and visualise the results. A vision book can be really helpful in this (yep, back to the stationery!) Every task becomes a step closer.
6) Find your positive – this could be people, it could be uplifting or motivating quotes, books or information. Fill your mind with it – once a day if you can and it will inspire you to stay motivated.
7) Review the goals regularly. Life happens and changes happen. Are they still relevant? What needs to happen next? Have they changed direction slightly? Reviewing and adjusting allows your plan and goals to stay in line with the right now. This is essential in achieving them or you may be chasing something that is not even appropriate.
Let’s go 2020!
The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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