“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” (Einstein) The OutdoorCureOnline Ideas to Connect with Nature.

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June is the month of The Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild nature challenge. They ask that you do one wild thing a day throughout the month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. You can find out more about it HERE. We love this challenge – it’s a fun and feel good way to connect with nature. So, today’s blog is in support of the 30 Days Wild challenge. We share some different and simple ideas to complete your wild things. If you’re only just finding out about the 30 Days Wild challenge now, it’s not too late to start – and if you’re a real nature enthusiast, why not go for 365 days wild and get out in nature every day!!! Remember exposure to nature not only increases your emotional wellbeing, it also has a significant impact on your physical health, reducing blood pressure, heart rate and the production of stress hormones. So, pack your rucksack and let’s go…

brown leaves of a tree under blue sky

The OutdoorCureOnline Guide to Simple and Different Wild Ideas

  • Play Poohsticks! This is a simple game that can be played on any bridge over running water. Each player drops a stick on the upstream side of the bridge and the one whose stick appears on the other side first is the winner. Trust us, this one can get quite competitive 😊
  • Complete a challenge in a challenge. For those who are reading this wondering what on earth we are on about – here goes… As part of our 30 days wild challenge, we decided to visit all our local Wildlife Trust nature reserves in the month. This is quite a challenge in itself!
  • Take an everyday task and do it outside – drink your morning coffee, do a workout routine, yoga or simply put your make up on. Breathe in the fresh air and think about how different it feels.
  • Let yourself go – do something you’ve not done since you were a child – make a daisy chain, jump in puddles, ride your bike fast downhill, feed the ducks. Just be immersed in that moment!
  • Take the opportunity to learn more about nature – it could be the names of cloud formations; which flowers are which or the names of everyday birds.
  • Be creative – write a poem while outside, don’t put too much pressure on yourself just let it flow; collect pinecones and other bits and make a nature collage.
  • Go on a water seeking mission. Find a waterfall, a stream or the sea. Sit by it and listen to the sound. Engage all your senses. What can you hear, smell see, feel? Are there stepping stones across the stream? Can you get across?

Go find your wild folks!

The OutdoorCureOnline Team x

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