‘Kind Mind’: The Compassionate Wellbeing Course


OutdoorCureOnline ‘Kind Mind’: The Compassionate Wellbeing Course

In the UK and across the world we are experiencing unprecedented times with a full scale lockdown being announced. Many work life routines have been upturned and these changes were implemented at a rapid pace with little to no time to adjust. As time has passed, we have started to move from the immediate ‘crisis’ to the imposed restrictions becoming the new ‘normal’. Schools and workplaces will reopen, the focus has understandably been around maintaining our day to day physical wellbeing. However, the psychological impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be addressed. How do we adjust to the new ‘normal’ and changed routine? How do we manage our health concerns without letting them overwhelm us?

The big difference with our online course is that it approaches wellbeing by equipping you with the tools to understand and think a little differently about your lifestyle. It will enable you to feel in control, have more energy and complete the course with a bespoke self-care plan that you can adapt as you change.

The ‘Kind Mind’ Wellbeing Course takes the OutdoorCure ‘Think different, Think Simple’ approach. Our course uses a blend of learning methods – videos, worksheets and presentations to support you in a journey on learning to listen to yourself and make significant changes to your life. You can work through it at your own pace, and if you only have 10 minutes to spare each day you can break it down into easy and manageable sections.

You can also purchase the Kind Mind E-Workbook which complements the online course. It features additional activities and exercises to further your self care journey. Click on the link for further information!

This course is ideal for anyone interested in wellbeing, selfcare and personal development. It also makes an original and thoughtful gift!

If you would like to find out further information about our online course, or have any questions, please get in touch with us at info@outdoorcure.com

Kind Mind Course £49.99 (individual person course prices – please contact us to find out about our discounts for orders of 5 people or more)

Kind Mind E-Workbook £9.95