Online Coaching & Bibliotherapy Service


What is coaching?

  • Coaching supports you to move forward with your life, whether this is developing in a specific area, or in changing direction.

What online coaching packages can you offer staff?

  • Career Coaching: Have you had feedback that your staff feel undervalued or unfulfilled? Are you an employee and feel unhappy in your current position? You may benefit from taking a step back and looking at your options from a different perspective. That is where our coaching packages come in. Most of us are likely to spend 45-50 years working – that’s a long time to be unhappy! Imagine the additional energy you would have for hobbies, family and friends if you felt happy and valued in the workplace. Our coaching explores how your current role fulfils you, develops you and harnesses your skills. We specifically look at job role and person fit – not so much ‘do you fit in with the job?’ but more ‘does the job fit with you?’ The coaching will support you to identify your vision, formulate a set of attainable goals and develop an action plan to get you there. 
  • Health/Return to Work Coaching and Bibliotherapy: If you, or your staff members, are off sick or are struggling to manage a health condition in the workplace, coaching can support wellbeing in that day to day role or with a sustainable return to work. Our coaching will support with managing symptoms and assisting with wellbeing during recovery. If you or your staff have a new or long term health condition, some of the following may sound familiar: feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and lost, and problems with sleeping. Our coaching breaks down those feelings of being overwhelmed and takes the coachee step by step to building new resources. This may involve; stress management; sleep well routines; implementing self-care and ‘pacing’ into daily life. As part of our health coaching package we offer a bibliotherapy service. We offer support by selecting books which will help you to understand and manage your health and wellbeing – our coaching service enhances this process into one of supported self help reading.

Why online coaching?

  • Historically, coaching has taken place in a formal indoors setting. OutdoorCure evolved to offer this outdoors with a walk and talk ‘off the couch’ approach. With OutdoorCureOnline this evolved again and we now offer online, email and telephone sessions as a more convenient, accessible and affordable alternative. Online coaching sessions can take place for staff at any time in their working day, and even for staff who are off sick.

What are the benefits of online coaching?

  • We have been able to make this form of coaching more affordable as it reduces costs on things like travel, staff, venue hire, car parking, childcare and cancellations for both us and you.
  • There is now more flexibility and time availability so we can offer you sessions with reduced waiting time. Sessions can take place quicker and if you are unwell or don’t feel up to a session there is no need to rebook. You get seamless and continual coaching at your pace, you don’t even have to get dressed or out of bed!
  • Anonymity – no more feeling uncomfortable while answering difficult questions face to face. Our clients have found they feel less inhibited to discuss personal areas. Via email you are able to take the time to reflect in a safe place free from distraction. This offers a more personal efficient approach harnessing greater success.

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